Shoot to Win

Video contest improves media literacy

Smartphone versus classic old cell phone: Which model will dissolve faster in a bath of nitric and hydrochloric acid? And which can withstand being run over by a 2.4-ton excavator? For the video contest SchoolsON, high school students Marvin Langer and Niclas Neumann tested just how much of a beating their phones could take. Together with their cameraman Michael Bressler, the pair won second place for their video. As a reward, ProSieben invited the team for a set visit to the science magazine show Galileo. Top honors went to the Film work group at Gymnasium am Stefansberg high school in Merzig. Their clip about “Why do we forget?” was screened in prime time on Galileo.

Marvin Langer and Niclas Neumann (right) won second place in the SchoolsON contest with theircell phone test. (Photo)

Marvin Langer and Niclas Neumann (right) won second place in the SchoolsON contest with their cell phone test.

Using the slogan “Dreh dein Ding” (shoot to win), ProSiebenSat.1 and the German Children and Youth Foundation are calling for entries to the second edition of the video contest in 2016. The initiative aims to teach teens about using digital media responsibly. Winners can not only look forward to seeing their creations aired on Galileo, taff, or ProSieben Newstime but also to visiting the broadcasting group as well as receiving a GoPro camera and video editing software for their next film projects.

The nationwide initiative was launched at the suggestion of the ProSiebenSat.1 Advisory Board, which advises on sociopolitical and ethical questions in addition to making recommendations regarding the Group’s media offerings. “With SchoolsOn, we’re making young people more media literate — by stimulating their creativity and sharing film production expertise while simultaneously teaching them how to work responsibly with video content,” explains Heike Kahl, managing director of the German Children and Youth Foundation and member of the ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE Advisory Board. For the contest, students and educators are provided with teaching materials that include filming tips combined with information on topics such as respecting the right to privacy and copyright.

The winning videos are aired on ProSieben (Photo)

The winning videos are aired on ProSieben.

Over and above imparting knowledge in a fun way, Chairman of the Advisory Board Edmund Stoiber believes the Group has a social responsibility: “Media companies have an important duty to bring their influence to bear in improving media literacy.” <