We're Doing Our Part!

ProSiebenSat.1 employees use Social Day to volunteer with charities and social institutions. Over 300 staff have participated since 2013.

Martina Baumann, Manager Financial Reporting, SevenVentures

Martina Baumann, Manager Financial Reporting, SevenVentures (Photo)

The Münchner Förderzentrum (MFZ) provides a home for senior citizens and people with disabilities under one roof. My project was setting up a kind of Olympics with lots of games and sports activities. It was great to see the commitment, enthusiasm, and ambition everyone brought to the project. Slacklining, boccie, a long-distance water-balloon toss — all the players met the challenges in their own personal way. I was in charge of the boccie event along with one of the medical supervisors, and I also worked on the can toss and a wheelchair rally. We had a fantastic time! At lunch, I answered a lot of questions about my job and was amazed at how much the residents knew about things like the Internet. The day was a wonderful, very enriching experience for me.

Nanette Köppel , Project Coordinator, 7Stories

Nanette Köppel , Project Coordinator, 7Stories (Photo)

Tasso33 is a Munich youth center that offers sports, games, and educational support. The atmosphere is very pleasant anyway, but to give it an extra something special, we got the outdoor areas ready for summer, painted, built some raised flowerbeds for the garden, and updated the cloakroom used by the afternoon care team. It was a day I’ll remember for a long time to come! I took away so many impressions that reminded me how good I have it in life — and that support, no matter how little, can bring a smile to a child’s face.

Social Day

Taking responsibility and working to help others together: these are the goals the ProSiebenSat.1 Social Day aims to fulfill. Since 2013, employees have had the opportunity to volunteer with charities and social institutions twice a year during working hours. Organizations in Munich that benefited from these activities in 2015 and 2016 included the Salesianum home for refugees in Haidhausen, the foundation for blind women in Neuhausen- Nymphenburg, and the The Ark in Moosach.

Altogether, over 300 staff have participated in the Social Days so far.

Johanna Tübbing, Manager Group Programming Acquisition Digital Content, ProSiebenSat.1

Johanna Tübbing, Manager Group Programming Acquisition Digital Content, ProSiebenSat.1 (Photo)

The Heim für blinde Frauen (Home for blind women) in Munich is a senior care center that offers blind and severely visually impaired women assisted living through to an advanced age. We took them on an outing to the Nymphenburg neighborhood one morning. It was especially rewarding to see how quickly insecurities about how to approach each other evaporated and personal relationships developed. I met a wonderful old lady and learned a lot about her and her life. In the afternoon, we all worked in the garden planting trees. It was a great experience to get away from office routines and spend a day with some very special people.

Thorsten Pütsch, Channel Head, kabel eins Doku

Thorsten Pütsch, Channel Head, kabel eins Doku (Photo)

Die Arche (The Ark) in Munich’s Moosach neighborhood is a center built out of containers where every day around 100 children and teens from the ages of five to 18 eat lunch and receive tutoring and help with their homework. It also offers recreational activities such as soccer practice and dance workshops. The Ark is moving to a temporary venue while the containers are being replaced with a large building for the kids. We helped them with the move, dismantling furniture, hammering, packing, and labeling boxes until late in the evening. It’s a good feeling to be a part of something society needs — and especially to do something for the kids who come to The Ark every day. I was aware of The Ark’s work, but being right in the thick of things is something different altogether. Hats off to the supervisors and carers who bring such enthusiasm and passion to their task of giving the children a second home. <